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"Beyond Diagnosis" is more than just a book; it's a movement . . . .

Natasha Swerdloff

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The story of the book

2 years ago I had a flash of insight!


As a coach with 30 years of experience, I knew many, many people have recovered from mental health diagnoses through an understanding of the Three Principles.


What if I collected their stories?

What an inspiration that would be to thousands of people still suffering!

In my new book, Beyond Diagnosis, I have collected over 45 stories of how people have recovered from everything from psychosis to bulimia because they saw the truth of how experience is created, that we all have innate health and their minds calmed down.


Each section of the book is accompanied by an interview with a mental health professional who works from an understanding of the Three Principles. Their professional and clinical expertise in how the mind works gives us an invaluable insight into how we innocently misunderstand and suffer. By pointing their clients back to their own wellbeing, they show us how we can all find transformational recovery.

This website is a companion to the book, a place where we can add more stories of hope, find more resources, take courses and dive deeper into these amazing spiritual Principles of Mind, Thougtht, and Consciousness.

Beyond Diagnosis - The Masterclass Course!

"Beyond Diagnosis" makes a profound impact on the field of mental health. Chana Studley shares that with an understanding of three spiritual principles any human being can discover mental health. The book's personal stories bring hope that any human being can find mental health and help the reader realize there is only one generic understanding for mental illness.
This is a must read.

Dr Mark Howard Ph.D



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